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AGM batteries are like normal lead acid batteries, but instead of having electrolyte (acid) that moves around freely, it is bound in a special glass fiber separator which makes the spill-proof even if there is casing damage.  AGM batteries are high performing batteries which are designed for the power demands of the modern vehicle. It is a standard requirement of many of the new vehicles with stop start technology amongst other things.


AGM which stands for Absorbent Glass Mat batteries have significant advantages over a normal lead acid batteries, they are known to have a lifespan of up to 3 times longer than a conventional battery. AGM batteries are also best suited for vehicles with automatic start-stop systems & braking energy recovery, as a conventional battery is not built to handle the high power demands of these systems. If a car with an advanced automatic start-stop system comes equipped with an AGM battery, then only an AGM battery can be used as a replacement battery. We highly recommend that you follow the specifications given by the manufacturer if you are uncertain.


Spill-proof through acid encapsulation in glass matting technology


High specific power, low internal resistance, responsive to load


Up to 5 times faster charge than with flooded technology


Better cycle life than with flooded systems


Water retention (oxygen and hydrogen combine to produce water)


Vibration resistance due to sandwich construction


Stands up well to cold temperature


Less prone to sulfation if not regularly topping charged


Has less electrolyte and lead than the flooded version



COST FACTOR, they are generally very expensive especially if they are fitted at the agents.




- Our current most expensive AGM is under R3000!

- We also supply VARTA & EXIDE AGM when available!


(we currently stock the popular Willard AGM652 & 658)


652 Willard AGM - R2400 incl vat

658 Willard AGM - R2999 incl vat


* FREE Fitment, Scrap is required.
*Varta AGM, Exide AGM & other sizes available on request.


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